Old Joke

A motorist is driving past a mental hospital when he gets a flat tire.
He goes out to change the tire,and sees that one of the patients is watching him trough the fence.
Nervous,trying to work quickly,he jacks up the car,takes off the wheel,puts the lug nuts into the hubcap and steps on the hubcap,sending the lug nuts clattering into a storm drain.
The mental patient is still watching him trough the fence.
The motorist desperately looks into the storm drain,but the lug nuts are gone.
The patient is still watching.
The motorist paces back and forth,trying to think of what to do-and the patient says,
"Take one lug nut off each of the others tires,and you'll have three lug nuts on each"
"That's brilliant!!!"says the motorist,"What's someone like you doing in an asylum?"
"I'm here because I'm crazy"says the patient,"not because I'm stupid."
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