Never Count Me Out!

My favorite quote on my profile page is a Japanese proverb.  FALL DOWN 7 TIMES......GET UP 8

"Persistence is what makes the impossible possible, the possible likely, and the likely definite".  Another of my favorite quotes.  We must be tenacious in this life or end up on the losing end of the stick every time.

Last but not least, I have the 7 P's to live by.  When applied to the "known " events of my daily  living, things go much more smoothly for me.  "Prior Proper Planning Prevents **** Poor Performance"!  

Aaah, but there is the "unknown".  I get worn out and beat down by life just like everyone else.  My smile fades, the tears fall, and I think I can't do this even one more time.  But I've learned that to wallow in self-pity or give in to my impatience only serves to make me unsure and unsuccessful.  I don't like to lose as some who know me well will testify to ;')

I'm not saying it is easy....oh, far from it!  The easy thing to do is lay down and say, "I don't care anymore" or "it's not fair".  It takes digging down deep to bring forth that last vestige of inner strength and then rise to the occasion....fight back.   It takes setting aside my pride and acknowledging I need help, someone to lean on, a bit of good advice, and then accepting those things graciously.

To put it in sports terms (I love my baseball :)  ,  it would be nice to always get the fastball right down the middle of the plate but life is famous for those dratted curveballs!  If we are prepared for that next curve life pitches us, well.....we might just hit it out of the park.  And you never know, it just might be a Grand Slam, baby!!

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9 Responses Mar 6, 2010

Yeah! Thank you Miss Cheeky :) I can use all the cheerleaders I can get!! You are a wonderful friend and I'm so glad I know you!<br />
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Thank you pollydoll, *jumps up and catches* got them all!!! I love hugs :) Hugs and love to you my friend!

YOU GO!!! I have POM POMS weeeee

Thank you Angelwings, much love and blessings to you. I'm looking to a bright and happy future for both of us ! xoxox J would I ever forget 3/6/10. LOL no I didn't know Ray put those up....He's a hoot!

Unshakable is so right, you are a fighter. Did you know we have your 7 p's to live by hanging on the board at the sta.? You know your cousin just had to pass that on! Aah, and then there is persistence..... 3/6/10.....a date to remember!!

Miss Unshakable, thank you so much. What is coming on the 23rd of March for you?

You are a fighter my dear.Its my turn soon on 23rd march.

LOL Yes, I love them the best! I think I must be in my "contemplate life" mood today ;')