Mid Life Crisis!

I think am going through a midlife crisis. At least thats what figures from an article in the newspaper today. I have all the symptoms mentioned there. The list goes... be alarmed if you are...
Self-questioning your achievements & usefulness. Fixating on your mortality. Making sexual overtures or have desire to start an affair with someone younger. Feeling trapped or think you are in a rut. Making dramatic change in style and appearance. Displaying the classic signs of depression – sleeping more, loss of appetite. Frequently changing jobs. Getting overly nostalgic, constantly reminiscing of youth, or first love. I dont know with whom should I discuss this with. I guess this is the best platform, without any chances of being ridiculed or laughed at. I need help!
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Ya there nothing to lol at to me I went thou it with my other half you can say and it put me thou hell I am not going to lie about that and the only thing I can say to you take one day at time to find your self and if y are with someone and y are not sure what they mean to right now it's ok to take time find your self and I think you will be ok because you noticed what going with you and didn't true your back to it like a lot of us do in some cases

I'm in the right age group 40-45 but i just seem to be depressed.

I'm in my 50's... late 50's. And am currently hitting all the nails on the head with that list. My depression has been mild as I tried to turn them into good things. It took a good friend to show me my crisis. I think I've been experiencing my MLC for about 4 years. Usually it hits males somewhere between 40 - 60 years old, but each is an individual and may find the odd one outside those parameters. I am still married to my wife of 33 years, still have my same occupation of 10years (though I am looking to change as i've upgraded my qualifications), we still live in the same house. Most things are the same except me, inside. I've become more creative, which is enlightening. Lots of other things but I haven't always listened to the MLC and I have avoided disaster. Hang in there, think of what is valuable and keep it as you may want it back in a few years. Good luck. BTW I have started writing a book on the subject - a looong way from finished yet. experience is the best teacher afterall. :-)

Totally agree Sall54, Selfishly i was looking at it from a male view since I think the EP member is a male.., thanks. Glad you have had your piece published, I hope I can do similar. A roller coaster it is, and yes, I nearly threw everything away as well, But my MLC spurred me on to accomplish some long-standing unfinished jobs around the house and step up my work qualifications, My challenge now is to land a job with higher pay at my age, lol.

haha, yes some classic symptoms there, physical fitness haha. I actually turned our (now moved out) son bedroom into a gym of sorts with weights, bench, chin up bar and movement area, most of them I got for free. well done Sally, yes one can turn a MLC into a driving force for a better and more intersting future. Good luck :-)

Hello dear, turn each of those crises around and you will experience midlife Euphoria.

I'm in it as well, but find there are a lot of positive things about it-- in fact, it has been rather empowering for me and exciting as well-- and no, I haven't shucked my job, husband, or family. I've been taking my husband along for the ride. lol

I hear you. I am going through pretty much the same and it is a really painful phase of life. I hope it IS a phase. I wish there was some sort of a support group or something where we could go, vent, even joke about it and feel lighter. It is damaging my self esteem and I am scared that that will leave me scarred. If you want to talk more or exchange notes, you are welcome. Take care!

wow.. i have all the above symptoms except the job cuz i'm in college... i guess i'm in a crisis too....

I had all that, as a result, I left my marriage, job, everything and started all over again. Scary? No, hellish and terrifying? Yes. <br />
<br />
Getting old is not for the faint of heart. Hitting midlife takes courage, courage not to get depressed and to use every resource available. <br />
<br />
I have since moved to another city from New York, found out I can cook, that I would be good in sales, and started a whole new life.<br />
<br />
If I can do it, anyone can. <br />
<br />
Old Japanese proverb; "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

WOW O.O<br />
<br />
"check, check, check, check, check, check..."<br />
<br />
but aren't you a bit young for this, iamanotheryou?

I'm sure you are loved.

This is a good place to discuss things without being ridiculed or laughed at! Vent away...<br />
If it's really bad, perhaps you need to speak to a therapist to help you work through some of these issues. I'm there too...it's not easy.