Am I Having An Affair? Or Is It Just Fun & Games?

A co-worker and I have been very flirtatious with each other for around a year now. That is just his personality anyway, but it is becoming more than just flirting now. Recently, there have been deeper conversations, more visits and calls at work, fantasies discussed about each other, and even touching and kissing. But NO sex (yet). We definitely have both had thoughts & desires to do so. & quite possibly would have alreay took it that far if this town wasn't such a small, nosey place anyway....& oh yea, if he did not hold an important political office here. What draws the line? When does it actually count as an affair? We are both married w/children. We have some of the same marital issues. My husband doesnt take care of me the way a husband should. My co-worker/man friend takes wonderful care of me. Having my cars repaired, making sure i have everything i need...or want for that matter. Exactly how low am I? I really care about this man & i believe he feels the same.
Peachy00 Peachy00
22-25, F
May 24, 2012