So I'm Immature, What Are You Going To Do To Stop Me?

now just because I act immature or you may think I'm immature, doesn't mean I'm stupid. :P I can hold my own in a valuable discussion, when the mood strikes me. I think being able to relax and have a good time is much more benificial in the long run than it is to be a hardnosed stressed out person. I'll admit I've been known to tweak out everyonce in awhile. Don't mention politics around me, just don't do it. I'll struggle to keep quiet. I have foot-in-mouth disease, there is no known cure but biting my tounge is the best treatment for it.

I would rather have a good time than be proper most of the time. I would rather goof off but that does not make me stupid. I am very intelligent ( meaning: I have a good memory, in a sense that's all intelligence is, remembering what you read from a book!) yes I just dissed intelligence. not really a value of mine. Everyone can be smart, not everyone knows everything, you may think you know a lot, but chances are you just don't.

Wisdom and common sense are much more appealing to me. Common sense isn't as common as one would think, although how many people need to know something to make it common sense?

Intelligence is your ability to be smart. Wisdom is your ability not to be stupid. -- I have NO idea who said it, but that has to be one of my favorite quotes of all time! I don't know if their dead or not. it explains in full why I value wisdom over intelligence.

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2 Responses Mar 10, 2010

You dont sound immature.

You have very mature thinking for your age. I like to see that in anyone. To be able to reason out what you did is definitely a sign of maturity.<br />
I was very impressed with your statement: "Intelligence is your ability to be smart. Wisdom is your ability not to be stupid."<br />
Just continue to hold that thought close to your heart.