I Do It Tooooo

I'm infamous for it. Logging into Yahoo, MSN, EP, AIM, online MMOs and walking away.... lol And then returning to numerous messages and sometimes irritated and angry people. lol So, with that I say I' sorry. I do it often and don't mean to. I have a toddler and, well, a life. lol It isn't my intention to walk away from my computer or game.

So, just keep in mind that although you may see me "on"...I might not be there :o

Miluna Miluna
36-40, F
1 Response Jul 20, 2010

I know the feeling well,both sides.sometimes I've put an airline booking site over the top of EP for a bit then come back to people asking why I've ignored them. similarly I've been wanting to talk to someone who is "on" but they have gone to make tea but left the laptop "on",good job I'm not paranoid!