"Just Because I'm Online"

Just because I am online doesn't mean that I am always in front of my computer. There are times that I will leave my computer connected so that I can take a shower, or maybe grab a small snack. I have high speed, and I see no reason to disconnect if I am returning within an hour or so. I run very good security, so why should I disconnect, only to have to do the signing in process and all of the time consuming little tasks that come with rebooting, because if I am not coming back in a reasonable time limit, then I log out and shut my PC down. So, if you are awaiting a reply to an email, message or meebo, then I will return them as soon as I am in front of my computer.
TwilightDream TwilightDream
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1 Response Nov 30, 2011

I understand exactly what you're saying and it does explain a few times, but I know you'll get to me when you can......I on the other hand am usually on if the light is green, because i can only get on when the babies got to bed......Otherwise they want to push buttons and "help" me type......:)

i always reply to my close friends first, but I got an email message from a "fan" who was being "pushy", so I assumed this would help those matters...........Thank you....

Yea....."hint hint".......LOL

He wasn't hinting, he got impatient and had the nerve to send me an email titled "This is my third request"??? so, I blocked him, That was so rude and unnecessary..........lol...