Maybe Here...maybe Not!

ok ok ok!!  my first story. thanks to hlpflwthat who notices that i stay logged in here too much!!  yes i do!  i log in when i get up and stay logged in so i can check by here anytime i have a moment. can't go too long without knowing what's going on.  and just look at the cool questions i would be missing. thanks, o hlpfl one...for watching out for your sunshine.  i'll be beaming atcha anytime!  ;-)


 i really wish i'd taken this more seriously.  so, here goes.  i do stay here a lot...or so it may appear.  i might log on, check and answer my msgs,gestures,whiteboard...maybe even have time to answer a question or two..then off to take care of stuff in my very hectic world.  and my world is gettin more hectic every day.   those of you who know me understand what i mean.  my family comes first....even when they shouldn't.  even at sacrificing what i need to do for myself .  even when they are walking all over me.  so, i may be logged in but on the road to pick up a tank of diesel fuel.....i haven't been logging out because my old pc took so long to do it's stuff.  my new setup is fabulous!! i said...maybe here..maybe not...just please don't think i'm ignoring you...send me a msg!!    i'm not really here 24/ only looks like it!

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How rude! Just joking lol - think people just pleased to see you when you are here, ie making comments, etc :)

As long as your friends know how you work it then what does it matter. I have to confess to doing my head in trying to work out what a friend was up to - her green "available" status comes and goes with the wind but she isn't logging out!<br />
<br />
I honestly think it can be come quite dangerous trying to second guess what someone is doing. Causes unnecessary angst.

Oh! The lurkin we could do Missus Slippy! I never knew that, but I had actually wondered if some folk weren' somehow doin that ... thanks rabbit.

LOL!!! you ole bunny! too funny that my ole sidekick hpflwthat is gonna rat me !! and some folks get a kick outta how us'ns talk!!! we'll jes giv'em some mo'...teehee!!!

wouldn't work for me to turn it off. it would take half the day to get back in cyberspace!

Congratulations on your first story. Your spelling shows that you are excited. That’s good!! Be proud if it!! <br />
I too log in but then go and do other things. However, if I’m going to be gone for over an hour, I turn off the computer as it sucks power and I can’t afford that.

so i type like i talk!! fast and was too much trouble to edit, LOL! now get back ta yo storytellin!!

okokok! (now I get it.)

my picky friend! OK! OK! OK!........that better?? and YOU get scribbling on that story!!

Two words in the first line that nobody can understand - 'cept you. I gotta be more careful what I scribble. But thanks for splainin it to us, Missus Slippy.