Subliminal Sabotage

I haven't completed any college tours or full applications, I forget papers, appointments (my memory's never been that good), don't have my liscence, put things off.  You can call me a procrastinator, oh yes I believed that was the best answer, but I'm starting to think now that I am doing this to myself purposely, for whatever reason.  As if  I could somehow benefit from ruining my life.  Oh please be supportive, my dear loved ones, I'm against it, I am; only I'm at a loss as to why it is happening, and how to fix it.  Please be there with a broom and dustpan while my dreams and aspirations spiral into dust.  I don't know why I act the way I do........and I hate it.

coffeeshopwithacause coffeeshopwithacause
18-21, F
Feb 21, 2010