Room Mate

A few weeks ago I got a new room mate she moved here from Japan. Me and her work for a nice size horse ranch were we care for horse's. She is much smaller than me pretty 19yr 4'10 98 pounds long black hair cute. Well after working all week she was laying on her bed crying a little. I asked what is wrong? She told me she missed her old girlfriend and I told her we could be each other friends. Tina said but her girl friend would tie her up and spank her a lot and would I enjoy that? I told her I would try. So I did what was asked I had her ***** naked and I spanked her as hard as I could. Tina just cried a little but then Tina said it was her turn to do me. So I was already naked. I untied Tina WOW she was quick I found myself tied to my bed hands over my head she placed 4 pillows under my hips and tied my legs to the bed post. Tina
blindfolded me and started spank my breast my nipples shot straight out. Then without warning Tina pressed her lips to my ***** and I saw stars it felt so good. I was coming for the 3rd time when Tina released one leg rolling me over to one side retieing my leg and I then felt 100 honey bee stings on my butt. I let out a cry and started to cry for real just like I was 5 again.
I hadden been spanked like this it hurt big time but it also felt good. Tina again sucked on me until I calmed down from the spanking she gave me. It was great and I did her much better a few days later. Tina and I are great friends and co-works we do alot together in and out of our place.
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1 Response Sep 7, 2012

That sounds amazing. I wish I could be there and be friends with you too