Yes, well it has been a life long struggle of mine. Out of control. In rehab three times, and still going on w/ out much restraint. So far i have made a mess of my life as far as drinking goes, blackouts, psychosis, passing out while walking or standing, drinking alone all the time, always hung over, causing fights and paranoia, usually poisoned, many times near not breathing, driving, a suicidal nightmare.
26-30, F
3 Responses Feb 25, 2007

I was where you are- quit drinking at age 22 in 1972- haven't had a drop since. Quit smoking in 1990 too- also cold turkey. The first step is realizing you have a problem - which you have acknowledged- the second is hitting rock bottom (sounds like you're pretty close if not there yet!) the third is to get help. Go to your doctor and visit an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting sometime soon. The DT's are the horrific gateway out- but today they can be helped a little by medical help- the only person who can really change your habits and environment though, is you. You have to change your mindset and activities with the help of new friends and support- good temperant, understanding people. They will come with the help you get- medical, psychological spiritual and finally in your rebuilt life friendships. YOU <br />
CAN DO IT and it sounds like you are on your way to a <br />
better life already. Learn to hate the poison that is stealing your life away- and with help you can get it under control- find a goal in life to focus on and work toward and you can probably find the hope you need to change.

oh lady. i'm going through some of the same things. it's just extremely difficult to get it under control, even with help. here's to hoping we'll get better.

I hope you can get through this. You just need a great support team. Hope you can over come this. Getting help is the first step and you seem to be doing that already so keep it up and good luck!