-NOT So Confidential-

     For so long my only thought was of staying high. Where am i going to get my next fix from?!  So i got into selling them. Whatever i could sell to make money, to supply myself with drugs. Then eventually i sold to a undercover cop, it changed my life, I got 5 years probation. Then after some dirty U.A. I got sent to rehab it really made me reexamine my life. I still have cravings an give into them, but for the most part i can say no to myself.


      I've come a long way from a strung out 19 year old kid. I'll be 25 on May 3, 2007.  At times I wonder, where I would have ended up if I hadn't gotten caught. Who knows? Thankfully  I'm still here to be telling my story.

              2 be continued in more detail


notsodeadpoet notsodeadpoet
22-25, M
Feb 27, 2007