I Am Scared

I don't know what to do. I may end up going home to the unexpected. I may get blamed for s*it that I have nothing to do with. I may get accused for s*it I didn't say. I may have fingers pointed at me for s*it have nothing to do with. So I guess, by typing this, I am preparing myself. Letting it sink into my head that I may be going home to what I don't want but I may receive. Then to look at it in the long run. People may be mad at me. People may give me dirty looks. People may say things about me to other people that aren't true. The part that really gets to me, is that I have absolutely nothing to do with the situation. But the only reason why I may get blamed is because I am the "odd" one out. I am the black sheep. Because I don't belong with the crowd. Because they have no one else to blame. And of course they aren't going to blame themselves, psh, no, why would they do a silly thing like that when they can all just group together and blame me. And then go tell everyone it was me and then everyone will get mad and blame me too. Maybe that is my fate. To be the one to blame s*it on when s*it happens. 'Oh no, my car broke down lets blame her'. 'Oh no, there is no food, lets blame her'. Oh no, we aren't happy, lets blame her'. Let's just blame everything on me shall we. I mean ... it's not like you haven't before. Only this time. I won't put a fight. Because I am sick of it. I am tired of dealing with these irresponsible, immature individuals. I can't take it anymore. It may be my death. I don't know. But **** it ... whatever.
LosingIt LosingIt
22-25, F
Apr 5, 2007