Not Sure What To Think About This...

I'm not sure if I'm bi-polar or just have lots of mood swings, One time I feel like as if I'm better than everyone and treat them like a jerk, or the next I feel shy not sure of anything I do and clumsy, or sometimes I just feel like killing everyone I know in random times, or sometimes brood, and feel like killing myself or feel rather perverted or rather joyful, and hyper or serious and silent... I'm not sure, is this a sign of me being bi-polar or not...? From where I come from lots of peoples seem to be just like me, but never questioned if their bi-polar or not, or maybe I'm being paranoid? But I know that IM the one who do those feelings.... So Am I just Emotional and has lots of mood swings or is someone who have different personas and is bi-polar...?
1WillSurvIve 1WillSurvIve
13-15, F
May 19, 2012