...round, Like a Circle In a Spiral...

Really, before i joined EP, i gave serious consideration to the prospect of whether or not i am/have become/always have been... 'delusional'.   I am still giving it serious consideration.

Actually, that is not quite correct.  I am still giving it some small consideration.  Delusion.  Illusion.  Illuminate.  I believe that nothing can ever be completely proven and can only fail to be disproven... someone good at science obviously came up with that one and fair play to them :)

I think i have decided the earth can't be flat:  not only must it revolve around the sun but there are, for pretty much to my certain-sure knowledge (despite the fact i have not physically been in two places at once) some places on this planet that experience sunlight whilst some of the planet ~and on the opposite side!~ simultaneously experiences relative darkness although enjoying the moon and the stars:  crossing the madness-line is a lot like this, i think.  Elusive. 

Maybe the line keeps moving as the world keeps turning and a new day keeps dawning. 

              The light always shining

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4 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Madness........... Best thing ever I have to say by far..........>:)

welcome to my world, and you will see first hand what MADNESS is like, I promise, lol!!!

...and the world is my TARDIS... lol ;)<br />
(practising being a timelord!)

reality is just a figment of my imagination