The Rest Of Us Are All Winners In This Contest

The two prize fighters are in the ring and firing off comments that never fail to hit their mark. It's a contest that thrills the crowd. This story is developing in the public ring and it's one that will get well viewed, years after the event is over.

Rexlang and Sabrinagirl, love your work.

This too-ing and fro-ing, building up a story as it comes together in your minds, I'm sure this is how EP is meant to work.

This fight is spontaneity, wit and calculation. The aim is good. Rex and Sabrina will both come out a lot hotter, perhaps one a little sore, Gee it's good to watch.
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3 Responses Jul 16, 2010

Watch out everyone... just know that there is only one possible outcome... Sabrina WILL be victorious.

No other channels on here Rex... lol

We can only celebrate this sort of thing. Glad you enjoyed it too lsx ;)