May Is A Tough Month For Me

EVERYMAY i remember back to JUDY we lived together for 2 years i was 22 when we met she was 20 well to make a long story short onne day she said vinnytake me to the hospital i am not feeling wel and i want my eye normal she had a eye that crossed a little i said why you look great to me your eye is fine well i gave in i took her there in APRIL OF 1976 SHE DIED MAY 13 a month later they used a unsrerele needle which killed her that is life only she was so young i know we have no promises here each day can be our last but i never forget her this time of year. vinny
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

I hate hospitals do not trust doctors ,My life was almost taken 10years ago by a misdiagnosis

i believe it i don,t trust doctors either i am glad you are alive and well thank GOD for that lol.

wow that's really tough. it's shocking to know how easily somebody can be taken away from you. just last year i met a great 18 year old girl, i liked her a lot, she stayed at my house for a few days. but a couple of weeks after she visited, she was run over by a bus. scary.

what a shame we have no promises do we at any age i live one day at a time and try to enjoy that day