Never Underestimate My Silence...

I am the queen of putting up a calm exterior. Nothing phases me outwardly, and any negative emotions I am very good at hiding. People who know me really well are the only people who ever see me vent any frustration, anger, pain....the bad stuff.

The other day someone said to me 'Never underestimate my silence'. I laughed at the time because I thought it was a really odd comment to make....I mean, silence is golden and all that right? So why would I even think twice about it? Then I got to experience what she meant. She doesn't get on well with another colleague where I work, and has been studiously ignoring her for weeks....glares across the room etc, but never speaking a word, wandering around smiling to herself. I didn't really get this, until I found out that she had been smiling pleasantly to this other persons face whilst gathering information about her misdemeanours at work to present to our boss. Needless to say this other person is now in a lot of trouble....and my friend is happy that she has repaid the hurt feeling she had about the original incident.

I always smile at people, even when they make my skin crawl. I feel that Looking calm and unphased means they don't get the reaction they want, and therefore they will give up way before I do. I am just glad they cannot see what is going on in my head. I hope that I never lose it to a degree that I tell them what I would like to do to them if they mess up things for me again, or take my stuff without asking, or ***** about me behind my maybe, never underestimate my silence is a more powerful thing than I thought.
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Dec 13, 2012