Not Like ******* In The Movies

It's funny, I watched Suicide Girls Must Die, yesterday. Cracks me up how movies always show dumb girls, running around in their underwear, screaming for help. All I know, is that movies can be misleading. I guarantee my ***, would be hiding in the dark with anything I could use as a weapon ( if not a couple of them), not making a sound. Right as they walk by thinking, damn, she should be out here screaming by now, I'd be putting my blade to their throat.

I've had a couple instances, where I had a guy **** with me. Thinkin they were going to take control & what not. This one dude thought he was going to throw me in the trunk of his car at a gas station one night. Hilarious. He didn't know what to do when I busted out laughing at him. He's just lucky I found the situation funny that night, cause if it had pissed me off, he would have had a far worse outcome.
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36-40, F
May 25, 2012