In Love

i feel like im goin to lose my friend{guy} b/c we never spend time together anymore and i've fallin in love with him eventhough were not in a relationship. We have all the signs and committiment of being in a relationship like hanging out almost everyday and wknd and talkin on the phone all the time, saying i love u before getting off the phone at night and having sexual intercourse with each other {unprotected at that} and just being there for each other.. i really want to be with him but i cant make him so i guess i just got to wait until he's ready or go and find someone that is ready but i don't want to do that i want him :(

besties226 besties226
1 Response Mar 25, 2009

I hope you don't loose him, if that's not what you want, but what does he want? Enjoy and treasure and cherish every moment that you have together. (But do not smother him)