i may not be in chorus class anymore but i still sing to myself all of the time.. it cheers me up and makes me feel like i'm connecting to the words in a different way when i'm the one singing them
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I love to sing... It's a passion of mine. I've competed in competitions related to choral music and just plain modern music. I'm in my highschool chior which is starting to be nationally known. I love to sing so much that I decided to create an Acapella group for my school. If you would like I would love to hear U sing sometime. Maybe snapchat me at austin_able97 or kik me at that same username.

i say i love to sing but i dont think i'm good. plus i go tone def when i get nervous so you dont wan to hear me sing lol

No I would love to! Honestly I would. And I don't think I'm good either but usually the mind tells u things like that so when someone says u aren't good ur able to cope with it better... U might be great! But I would love to hear u

idk i'm too shy for all of that. ^_^

Hmmmm well maybe we can get to know each other first and maybe just chat for a while and then you'll be comfortable. How's that sound?


So do u have a kik? Or do u prefer this instead?

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