May Not Be a Lot of Things

I may not be a lot of things... including attractive. But I do have a good heart. My heart and mind is almost always in the right place. :-D

I am caring, thoughtful, and kind to most. I do have some intolerance for jerks, creeps, and perverts. But, for the most part, I can get along with most people. I think not only about myself, but also how my actions or non-actions could effect those around me. I am careful to be honest, but not hurtful. There is a thin line, between the two. :-)

I am loyal and passionate. I am positive, most days, and I like to give genuine encouragement and compliments.

I wish it was worth more, in the this world. But looks seem to be more important than these qualities. It's a little sad, something. But the smart people are the ones who give me a chance and not reject me, just based on my looks. =p

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5 Responses Mar 11, 2009

I dont really know you- but by the rest of the comments it seems that you are a very nice person.-It is true that most people find beauty in looks- but there are alot of others who find beauty in someone's soul.. those who beauty signifys looks only then are they really worth knowing or establishing some kind of bond I dont think so..but true beauty comes from within and this doesnt fade away with time. So I really wouldnt worry too much about this..whatever it is that your looking for you will find eventually because you deserve it.- dont waste your time on those whom are superficial.

and it is most important to have a good heart!

My dear friend, you have such a wonderful heart and soul that I am sure it just radiates out of you! I'll bet that anyone who is with you would tell you this exact same thing... You Are Beautiful!

You've shown what a beautiful and caring person you are by the way you conduct yourself here and the contribution you make. I'll take a beautiful soul over a pretty face any day.

Shadow, you have got one of the biggest hearts & one of the kindest souls of anyone I know!<br />
That's why so many people on EP think alot of you, myself included!