It Matters What Inside Not Out......

I know I'm not the best looking, i don't have the perfect skin, my hair never stays in place, i don't have enough pounds in the right places, and my make up isn't always perfect, but i know that inside I'm a great person. I may not look like a model i may not look like much at all but it doesn't bother me. don't get me wrong I've been told I'm beautiful, ppl comment on me all the time, "wow look her bone structure" "she has the body of a dancer" and i really got em when i had long hair but I've never let it go to my head. There are tons of girls that are more beautiful than me and it doesn't bother me. I know that I'm a good person, I'll go out of my way to help some one. I can act stone cold but yet I'm so soft hearted its crazy. I'm out there and friendly I'll do just about anything to make someone happy. I look for the good rather than the bad. I believe in giving chances to people. Some people can change their life around. so why give up on them before you give them a try.


I wont lie when i was younger beauty was my main focus all my cousins where "on fiya" with good looks. They had the perfect body, skin, hair, and style. I looked different from all of them. I was darker (more Indian than the rest due to my father being full {if you looked at him you'd never know but look at his parents and you can tell} lol) My hair was curly they called me curly Que it was in ringlets on my head lol jet black hair with blond strikes all natural but different from what everyone else looked like. And i hated it So since i looked so different from the blond hair blue/green eyes or the perfect noses or the straight hair that stayed in place i depended on my kindness to get me accepted. I was always the one they could talk to, i always made them laugh, I'd stand up for them when they needed, i was the one they'd ask for money, the one that they could always fall back on. As i got older i was always told how great i looked, how well of a dancer i had become but i had a different look set in my eyes of what was beautiful it wasn't the dark hair or eyes, wasn't my curly dark hair that over the years got more blond, it wasn't the slender body, or the nigh cheek bones. it was nothing of what i looked like. But after a few years as an older teenager i came to accept that yes i did have looks but still not the best but i still had that kind heart that everyone knew me by. I'd always be the one to help no matter what. You could be my least fav. person if you need help I'll put it a side to help you. Over the years I've done tons of things for people but i think of it as a way to give back. My grandfather has always been my backbone when i was younger he'd do everything with me. My father would be away at work trying to make money for us to live so my grandfather was the male fig. in my life he to was kind hearted and i learned it from him, he once told me "you could look like a Greek god or goddess and have ugly ways and people will remember you as wow yea he/she was great looking or be ugly as a toad(him poking my side making a toad kind face) and have the sweetest heart and be so kind and loving they'll remember with a smile and say that was one child with the kindest heart! and make them wonder about you. And that one smile on their face thanks to your kindness to them at one point will keep spreading. You know gods greatest gift was a smile because its contagest!" lol i love my grandfather he always told me its whats on the inside that counts and i never let that leave me.


Believe me its hard to keep in mind at times but the kindness comes easy. I do dream of looking different wish that maybe i had this or that. but in the end all my wishing wont get me any place but to sadness so why let that damper my thoughts. I love it when people try to point out that your not the best looking. They kinda get mad when i smile and say "Why would i want the looks?" they get confused then i add "look how happy i am! why would i want to change or let that get to me" The most funniest moment of someone pointing out that i wasn't the best looking: we all are out and like always I'm dressed like i want not caring what the others have on cuz i like what I'm wearing and I'm dancing with no care in the world. A friend spots my husbands ex (this girl really is beautiful she reminds me of a Taylor swift but more good looks) they look her up and down then me and make a face. i ask what and they say nothing but i knew what they where thinking how could he go from hott momma to plain Jane. i laughed and told them to speak it or beat it and they knew what i meant either tell me or i will hit it out of you (in a playful fight way not really hurting them lol) then it spilled out. i laughed already knowing what they had thought. then  i said "if he was going for the looks he'd be with her but who is he with? who is he marring? why must it be that the person must go for looks? Do you want a great looking guy thats a jerk or airhead or a ok looking guy , that to you looks great, with a great personality, kind and sweet? How do you know that he doesn't think i look just as good? Can you'll really be that crazy to go just for looks? We got to know each toher before we got together we got to see the really person behind the looks. He feel for the person i am not my looks."


Having looks is great but end the end its the good heart that counts. It'll take you places and its also so rewarding. The smiles you get back, the joy in the persons face, and knowing that what you are doing is something great.

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lol jordon we in the same boat buddy! i thought i found my mr. perfect but he turned out to be mr jerk. I want a guy that at the end of the day would look out for "us" not like jarid "at the end of the day you have to look out for your self thats all that really matters" (can't lie i wanted to punch him in the head for that one lol ) Can't lie looks do have a little to do with me likeing a peron but its not a big deal its more if i have that connection with the guy. My mom says i have a bad habit of becoming best friends with the guy then go out with him and after we don't work as a couple or something goes wrong i lose the guy and the friendship. But truly i like the best friend vibe i get to know the guy and get into his thoughts and heart i can trust him (or so i thought with my husband)<br />
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We on the same level hun! lol

thank you both!<br />
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justenticeme i love the quote lol hes right you can't fix stupid i whish people would see that! lol

You are perfect just the way you are simply for this positive confident appreciation of yourself for exactly who you already are. I admire that quality in anyone, <br />
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now on a more comical side you can look at it this way hope this makes you laugh and smile :)<br />
As Ron White says ....never marry someone for looks can get body alterations, implants, skin treatment, contacts, die your hair and pretty much anything you want to PHYSICALLY CHANGE ABOUT YOUR SELF is an can fix whatever you want on your body...however, you cant fix stupid lol <br />
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so never marry for looks go for the soul attraction....looks matter not its truly whats deep in the soul of our chosen partner that keeps us intrigued long term....... great story thank you



THat's so rare to hear such closeness with ur Grandfather sounds like has good sence of humor!Your Dad really must have worked hard ;o( good heart the best..looks kinda second,boyfriend 50-50 good looks brains lol