And That Is Also What I Am Attracted to In Others

I am not pretty or good looking

but I very much know that I have a good heart for humanity and those that I love and am close to and to me that is the most important thing, as all beauty in life, originates in the heart

The heart is in which what we view the light and warmth of love, the heart is our true inner sense, enabling us to move towards that which claims it and makes it happy

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7 Responses Mar 13, 2009

Sweetie, am just like you in appearanced and going through your experience at this very moment.But i know that marrying a woman for her outward appearance is like buying a house for it's paint.

I've seen your pictures, and for you to say that you are not pretty or good looking is simply you misunderstanding yourself, not appreciating your actual reality.

You probably are much better looking than you are letting on! Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You don't have to look like some fake plastic celebrity, in order for many of us to find you attractive!

Giving me freshly made chocolate cookies 1 second from the oven would make you beautiful in my eyes. Till they ran out at least then you would just have to make more.

What do you mean not good looking??? HA!

im telling you it isnt the heart but the stomach that is truly important...

That is not true at all. The most important things come from the stomach where good food goes to eat.