Mayan Memories Calling Me Home So Strongly - Looking For Guidance

Even when I was really little - age 5, 6, 7 etc i used to === night dream and day dream about steps and pyramids. Long before I ever saw them on TV......... in school I finally started learning about the pyramids in Egypt.... but there was something not right about them....................
..they did not match my idea of a pyramid at all........... my many drawings all had steps and lush green surroundings...... such vivid sounds of hundreds of different animals....... vivid smells of plants,,,trees,,,flowers...etc..........vivid colors of greens from surrounding forests......brilliant colors from all the animals........and beautiful colors of the clothes the people were wearing including myself. The Egypt scene I was being shown in school around age 8 had none of that. I was confused and said nothing to anyone. One day a few years later one of the teachers recognized a painting I made in art class -- and said OH - you know Machu Pichu". I had no idea what she was talking about so she showed me a book. I recognized every single page in it. I could easily tell her what was around the corner of each building. I could easily remember the smells,,,,sounds,,,views etc. I told her there were two places I knew. What was the other one she asked....but I did not know what it was called. Only my pictures in my mind. So I drew it. She did know it..... She showed me a photo in another book and sure enough- it was --- Teotihuacan tao tewaukon. Later she found another location from my drawings ==== puma punku. That teacher moved away and I dropped my quest because nobody else took me seriously. I have detailed dreams about how much I loved my people of the land. My memory is of being a queen of a great King - I can see and still hear his voice but no name.
I remember helping people with crops, education, judgments & tribunals, health issues and festivals. The information I see on TV sometimes is confusing to me.
Nobody did any sacrifices or warring with neighbors. Every day was about education, peaceful kindness and happy living by thankfulness from our creator. The last memory I have is a traumatic awareness we all had to suddenly leave immediately -- but I don’t know why.
I can remember how my heart hurt because I could not imagine life anywhere else.
I can remember watching the sky night and day with other people and talking extensively about it...but I don’t know why. The last 10 years I have lost many hours of sleep at night due to my dreams of this. My day visions sometimes make me pull off the side of the road -- they are so strong.
Now the last two years I have started hearing voices - whispers and seeing things - people here and there. Just barely there like I need better glasses or something ...or a hearing aid to hear better.
I am overwhelmed and take notes all the time but have to hide them. The strongest feeling every second of my life is to hurry - we don’t have much time ! *** get back to your home Tao tewukon.....get ready........but I don’t know what for. I know the voices are quiet so I listen more intently. I know they are emphasizing timing and a schedule I must be aware of. I know I my heart aches for missing my king and my people I loved so very much. I know the years I live now .... in this life are measured much more shortly than in my previous life. The most prevalent common denominator to the whispers and signs coming from all sides all around me is ( HURRY ) But I don’t know who to ask for help. Do you ???

Thank you for your time,
I attached photo of me to this email.
Maybe you can see something.
quietquantummetaphysics quietquantummetaphysics
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Apr 18, 2012