So I Was Told!

I don't really see it all the way like that but I see where they be coming from
As I tell people you do not have to agree with someone on everything to understand what
they have to say. Lol I never see it when it comes to me being spoiled not unless
I call spoiled something else. Certain ones say your husband has spoiled you. Others have said I am spoiled from
my childhood, who do they might be my brother and sisters, they always start by telling my husband
When Babe was little.... And of course the use the fact that I am the baby girl! Mom say My dad spoiled me!
Babe got to do this and that!( I just listen) well regurdless I feel everyone should be entitled to have pleasure having say so.
At some point and time, I am always talking about this could I be spoiled? Ah! lol! Am I?
Who? I don't see it as spoiled. OMG I should make this a confession lol!
I need to stop before I answer these questions lol!
Babeondwy Babeondwy
41-45, F
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lol you be the judge lol