Me My Girlfriend And Her Sister

Ive been going out with my girlfriend for five years now but for about a year or two i have been noticing her younger sister as we are all really close as we hang around all together Sometimes just me and my girlfriends sister hang out and i flirt wit her all the time but I'm not sure if she is as me and her are very talkative and are always close to each other and sometimes she even cuddles into me even tho her sister is sat the other side of me However i get mixed feelings from her as sometimes she will not talk to me but other times she would be around me practically all the time also she has seen me naked and i have seen her topless but i don't think she knows but my girlfriend knows Ive seen her sister topless but my girlfriend doesn't know that her sister has seen me naked.Whenever i see or talk to my girlfriends sister i just want to make out with her and do everything to her she is so hot and sometimes i cannot control my feelings and i do things which i then regret like one day i was looking at her and it was just me and her in the room and i got a hard on and flipped it up out of my jeans whilst she was watching TV and i kept it out and in clear view for her to see i saw her look at it for a bit then started to watch TV and had sly looks then i quickly put it away as my i could her my girlfriend coming downstairs after her shower.But to top everything off me and my girlfriend have been having little arguments and not been as we used to be as my girlfriend caught me looking at her sister
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don't blame you for looking

Have a 3-sum, and consider polygamy.

please dont hurt yur girlfriend to the extend of going out with her can happen to anyone,its called Lust! make sure yu reduce being with yur sister`s gf all the time..thats if yu ever luv yur girl!

I will try not to Thank you

Polygamy is legal in some places, but you have to treat them equal, it says so in the torah.