Yeah it's me so here I am and what do you really think? It's me of course but then who really does care? Only me here doing my best to try and educate those who are learning the language of English. So only me doing my part and enjoying what I can in order to really be happy. It was me who decided to break that window. No one asked me gto yet I did just because I wanted to and have a little fun. Actually there were more involved. We were playing street baseball and yep that old geyser was in the big window throwing his fist in the air and yelling at us. The pitcher was dead eyed on me and giving a nod as to say ok here is the pitch hit that sucker and aim for that window. Right, so he threw the ball and smack i hit that sucker really hard and watche it sail at great speed right into the center of the window. Boy did it feel good to do this. years have passed and still can picture doing this. Ran around the bases and we all laughed. That old geyser surely was peeved but hey old man we are kids and hey we were playing. Your window was meant to be broken by me. We scattered like bees and he just came out.

Looking at him told him like okay it was me who hit that sucker and yep it did the damage but not me. The ball broke the window not me. hey this is life and we kids like to play ball. It was me who did many other things that summer and of course during the course of my lifetime. I tried my best to do more and to accomplish more. It wa sme who decded to take the chance of doing something more exciting than just sitting in a small place and not having the opportunity to enhance my life. Love it really.

honey624 honey624
56-60, M
May 20, 2010