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well i'm 13 years old, born October 2nd 1999, um i love cats, i am shy very quit, i dont have much of life off line as i do online, i love to draw, i love to laugh, play sports, i like soccer, football, and tennies, um i hate wearing dress's or skirts, i like to wear jeans a t-shirt, um i have brown hair, blue eyes, kinda fat :/, uh my fav color is blue, i plat video games and comeputer games, i'm a tomboy, i used to have a pet spider, i have more guy friends the i do girls, i'm not very good at any thing, uh, i'm homw schooled, i have a little brother who likes to get into everything, i have an older brother who likes to annoy me, um my mom has MS, bone cancer, breast cancer, she's very ill, i have a grandmom, she's awesome, uh i have a cat, her name is Smokey, and she has some babys coming, lol, uh i have insoma, ADD, ADHD, a very short tempter, uh, love to sleep, um i like chinnes food, um i love saugeses, love Ihop, have an awesome family :D. uh i used to have a dog but she ran away, and bunnie, he died of cancer. (sorry newguy) i sometimes feel lonely, sometimes feel like i'm alone is this cold dark mean hearted world, love to (sometimes) wright, i have diabeties, i have to take insulin, and check my blood suger, and if you want to know more jusy ask me or pm me...
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We have so common thingsI hate to wear dress's or skirts & I love jeans :) I'm kinda fat too I love to draw,I love to laugh,I play sports, I like soccer & football too :)