The Start To The End

I´m new here. I don´t know who I can talk to in my life and explain my feelings. I am 24 yrs old. I have been married for 3 years. Me and my husband have been fighting alot recently because of his decision to leave the United States to be with his parents. However last night got very intense. I told him to leave my house when he wouldnt I threw his phone outside to get him to leave. He claims he no longer loves me when he is mad but when he´s not mad he apologizes. I don´t know what to do anymore. We have a 3 yr old son. I feel like my life is breaking and he doesnt care. He has away of acting so indifferent to me. I can be bawling my eyes out and he tells me to stop crying. I don´t know what to do. I love him so much and I very much want us to be a family but I can move out of the country to a place I don´t even know. I understand he has not seen his family for 7 years but at the same time I feel he doesnt see me or his child as his family 1st in this decision. Last night we both said things we should not have. He constantly throws things from the past in my face. Things I did before I met him as a teenager. I dont see see why he does that. I dont want my son asking me where his daddy is all the time or why I can no longer afford to buy him the things he wants. I don´t want to imagine him with anyone else or being happy with anyone else. I have given everything to him. He has constantly in his fits of rage told me that I can never do it on my own. I don´t want my son to have a stepmom in his life or a step dad. He says I have changed so much from when we first started dating and yes I have. But how am I not supposed to? If someone is always telling you that you are worthless and always criticizes the way I do things? I feel like I´m gonna break. I have a mortgage, a car, bills, school, work and my son to keep track of all by myself. The only thing keeping me here alive is my son. I guess I just need to vent to anyone else but my family. I don't feel like I have many friends bc I constantly push them away bc I never have the time to maintain a friendship. I don't know. Im just so confused.
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If his parents (or a parent) is ill or in need of care, it would make sense; otherwise, he should be focused on you and your son. It sounds like a loveless marriage on his part and he seems to be forgetting the commitment he made to you when you were married.