I Mean You No Harm

Anyone who uses the internet makes themselves vunerable to fraud, theft, deception and even murder.  Hopefully none are so naive as to believe that everyone is who and what they say they are.  There are too many examples of very bad people.  All of us must beware.

I said that as a preface to this.  As much as I might try, I cannot prove that I am not one of these creeps, so you should take percaution and keep your guard up.  My motivations are my own (actually they are curiosity and desire to connect with other humans).  I beleive I have valuable experiences to share.  I cannot prove anything.  Have a care when you talk to me or any other stranger.

With that said I will still say, I mean you no harm.  Many of you are like kittens to me, young, silly, funny and cute.  Many males all tough and proud, females all cuddly and soft, vunerable.  There are also a large number of injured.  Way too many injured.  These have been damaged by life, abused and hurt.  They, full of fear,  seek a friendly hand, someone who will not harm them further, who will calm them, help them to heal and let them go. 

I was a counselor in the Army for 6 years (until I got better myself) and ended up as an ordained minister(via the internet, of course) here in later life.  I used to do drug and alchol, family marriage and group counseling and have also married some folk.  I enjoy helping people. 

I do not promise to always make you feel better or to enable your bad behavior.  I will lend a hand if you need it.  

I mean you no harm.

Leporid Leporid
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One cuddly and soft, hard as nails, damaged as hell, recovering well, female appreciating your story. Nice to meet you.


I think it is wise to give people the benefit of the doubt, but also use common sense. And if they are worth the benefit of the doubt they should be able to understand your concerns. From my experience, it is those who expect you to trust them without question who are the ones that least deserve it. The same can be said for other things too, like religion. Trust is something to be earned, not blindly given. General respect on the other hand, i believe should be given to everyone until they give you a reason not to.

I do not have the luxiory of trusting humans. One wrong move could be my last.

The instinct to survive is generally very strong. Trust should be earned and given with proof and time.
We are all just one move away from our last at any moment. We all walk our path alone, sometimes paths converge for awhile, sometimes a moment, sometimes a lifetime. Humans are very dangerous and cunning creatures. Trust should come hard with them.

Very true, select few have earned my trust over many years. Out of the few only two know what I am and only one do I trust fully with my life.

You're very wise, thankyou for sharing your insights here on EP

Just wanted to say... Thank you..for being here. =)

I suppose. ;) I am quite a curious person. But I also have a good sense of intuitive warning. I will tiptoe around those who seem shady, but I don't avoid them, because I want to find out about them. And you probably know why too. There is a saying about it. ;)

Your words are wise. Mankind has eliminated or at least isolated almost all of the monsters in the world. Bears , tigers, lions, wolves all are unlikely to threaten anyone. The predator void has been filled by man himself. Cold blooded and evil as any of natures great predators, cunning and intelegent. Man has filled the niche. <br />
Trust, love, be kind, but be wise and careful too.

Leporid, most women are hard wired to always keep their gaurd up and we can sense duplicity in a man real quick. Online or offline, honesty, trust and politeness are virtue of any friendship. Those men who lose it once can never gain back, especially online. Thank you for re-iterating these points.

I don't have a mask anymore. I wish I did. I was far more entertaining. Now I just like to be alone, unmasked, and stare at flowers. On the rare occasion I am not alone, I am far too tired to put on a mask much less find the mask. I long for that mask.

Perhaps some are less cuddly? Less soft? <br />
I know where we stand on the road of life effects what mask we show the world. Some masks are scary and hard. I suspect cuddly and soft hides behid the mask though. <br />
I want to believe this.

"Cuddly and soft " ? That was a mortal wound LOL