Is This Real Love !? Or Just Trippy Stuff

Okay so is this girl in my P.E class she pretty and I don't really talk to her because I'm to shy . So she had my class for 6th grade she was the cutest one in there , she sat next to me . Later in 8th grade I started to have dreams of her often. My First dream I had of her was 'she was just looking at me kind of checking me out. Second dreams I saw her again and I walk up to her , we were I this type of park she was on the bench so I walk up to her and I said Hey, and she was going to talk then my alarm clock beep and I woke up . Third dream , I saw her in my dream again she was just looking at me play soccer with couple of my friends then I went up to her and I told her that she was cute , something I can not do in real life . 5. I was with I was actually hugging her and I went in to her house with her family in our own house and I think we had kids but it was wierd cuz I pictured us young like our normal self , we were cheering for kids(I think our kids ) and we started to kiss , it felt real then I was told her I love you (something I can't do in real life) the recent dream I had of her was today (1/22/13) I was acutally walking to pe and I saw her and I smiled and she blushed and she came up to me and that when she was about to say something and I woke up cuz the alarm clock started to beep , idk these are wierd dreams ! And I kind of secretley like her , but she well never like me I'm fucken ugly ! But anyways I heard from a friend that when you see someone in your dream that you know is bcuz they felt alseep thinking of you and I heard another one that say when you see someone too much in your dreams it means they have feelings for you !
AskingAlexBmth AskingAlexBmth
18-21, M
Jan 22, 2013