I Measured Him And...

My husband's erection is almost 5 inches long. I have never had sex with anyone else so I have no idea if size matters. i wonder what 7 or 8 inches would feel like. 5 inches is perfect for oral sex but I am curious about sex with a larger man. Do I approach him with this fantasy?
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

Yes. But you have to bring it up. You have to make HIM bring it up. You should express reluctance (even if you're anxious to do it). Try watching videos. When there's a woman being thoroughly ****** by a hung guy, mention your surprise that she can take that without pain. Go on from there.

Troller? Like really? if it was really that small you wouldn't even bother measuring it because you probably coudn't find the damn thing in the 1st place! But hey I say go for it, tell him it's too small and you want a bigger one shoved in that *****! lol