Offer Price Of Wandong Film X Ray Machine

Beijing Wandong Medical is an internationally renowned, a leading supplier of medical imaging equipment, of Wandong film machine brand effect natural spread is more extensive. That of Wandong film machine price how much money? The agents compare more of Beijing Wandong film machine, the dealer's offer different specific offer of Wandong film machine, you can be a lot of consulting, shop around and make a decision. Beijing Wandong film machine good this problem, it should be combined with the actual needs of different hospitals to make the selection.

A very popular medical diagnostic X-ray machine PLD5000BmA X-ray cameras like Perlong medical, the equipment available at all levels of the hospital on the human head, chest, abdomen, lumbar spine, limbs and other parts of the supine, anteroposterior, lateral ordinary photography, spot film photography and high kV photography; equipment against electric shock, anti-scattering, full-wave rectifier; positioning are electromagnetic braking, floating bed, foot release, the column manual operation, positioning is fast and reliable; structure using ergonomic design, beautiful appearance, easy to operate; pillar rotation range of ± 180 º can facilitate the stretcher photography; very suitable for the major small hospitals use. Perlong medical production: digital dr, animal x-ray machines, c-arm, blood cell analyzer equipment, are trusted products.

(The Perlong Medical brand the - PLD5000B Programmable 500mA X-ray cameras (film machine))

You need to know what the film machine or have any questions, welcome to contact Perlong medical, our free hotline :400 -6656-888.
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Nov 22, 2012