Offer Price Of Beijing Songshang Coagulation Analyzer

Coagulation analyzer in the Clinical Laboratory coagulation tests, mainly for bleeding, thrombotic diseases and thrombosis before diagnosis, efficacy, dose of anticoagulant drugs and prognosis analysis. Coagulation analyzer as thrombosis and hemostasis laboratory testing of medical devices, has been widely used in the experimental department and clinical medicine. The loose on development for domestic and international modern the rummage instruments, and independent innovation to develop a range of products for a better reputation in the domestic market. Beijing Song coagulation analyzer, electrolyte analyzer. If you want to learn a loose much money on coagulation analyzer? Specific you can visit Pine understanding on the company's official website or the coagulometer on consulting pine agents understand the detailed coagulometer offer price.

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In addition, the Perlong medical years professional committed to the development and manufacture of special medical instrument, the production of a variety of medical equipment, such as: rapid detection of pesticide residues, testing reagents, blood cell analyzers and other equipment are selling products .

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Nov 26, 2012