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ECG monitor is a kind of dynamic, real-time detection patient basic vital signs parameters of precision medical equipment, also known as multiparameter monitor. At present domestic hospital use more domestic ecg monitor, including perlong medical ecg monitor and so on, because domestic monitor will offer than import monitor prices more practical, more can be acceptable to the vast number of users.

And imported monitor to philips't a MP5 monitor for typical, because the price is expensive, a lot of users are flinch.
But whether domestic or imported monitor monitor, it is through the induction system such as thermal resistance, electrode, the pressure sensor, probe, etc from the patient accept all kinds of vital signs information, through a wire is input to the conversion system and amplification, further calculation and analysis shows that the monitor screen. May, when necessary, according to need to print information. Simple process can be summarized as:

First, the human body signal acquisition: through the electrode and sensor collect human light, pressure signal and translated into electrical signal input host.

Second, analog signal processing: to the collected signals for impedance matching, filter and amplification and so on.
Third, digital signal processing: this is monitor the core technology of the part, the main internal AD converter will analog signals into digital signals, microprocessor is responsible for receiving from control panel control information, memory to the operation procedures, set for current information and temporary data storage, and finally to the digital signal sorting, operation and analysis, storage and output. In medical JP2000-09 perlong super-thin multiparameter patient monitor for example (product pictures see below), click on the red font could enter the product details page. After into the top of the page can call customer service hotline or directly click page right floating customer service dialog box you want to know about the problem, such as monitor prices and so on.

(perlong medical - JP2000-09 super-thin multiparameter patient monitor)

Fourth, terminal information output: will output digital signals are converted to the corresponding waveform, text, graphics and digital, and start alarm and print information record.

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