How Much Is A Icu Patient Monitor?

Currently, the market's high profile patient monitor are Perlong medical JP2000-09 ultra-thin multi-parameter monitors, Shenzhen, and monitor heart heavy penalties . The Shenzhen and heart heavy penalties are Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a rising star in the R & D and manufacturing of high-tech medical equipment manufacturers in China, the Monitor products account for a higher share in the domestic market. If you want to understand the severe law monitor price how much a heavy penalties are monitors offer detailed consultation to the dealer. Prang JP2000-09 ultra-thin multi-parameter monitors in terms of functional or technical aspects are no less severe standards in monitors.

Its characteristics can remote wireless communication system, ECG, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, respiration, pulse rate, body temperature and other vital signs information can be collected and efficient remote data transmission, real-time remote to win valuable treatment opportunities for patients in the first time, can be connected to a central workstation, wired and wireless networking.

(Perlong medical brands - JP2000-09 ultra-thin ECG)

The Perlong Since its inception, adhering to the steadfast steady work style, brave venture persistent Shouye rapid development. Perlong medical industry is developing rapidly, and is also one of the most competitive national enterprises.

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