Shanghai Medical Mobile Dr How Much?

DR is direct digital X-ray photography system, is by the electronic magazine, scanning controller, system controller, influence monitor, etc, is directly will X-ray photons through the electronic magazine converted to digital image digital imaging is a kind of medical equipment, widely used in medical X-ray room shooting, generally has the function of moving, so often used to call it mobile DR.

Before filming radiology department of normal X-ray machine, is the need of the film, then wash out, get X-ray, and similar photos that wash. DR, just don't need film, be like now of digital camera that, after filming, immediately in the instrument screen to see results, adjust the contrast luminance later, connection wash slice machine wash out of the film is good.

Along with the mobile DR the demand of the market explosive growth, national have some areas of DR and prices are generally improve the, Shanghai medical mobile DR offer more and more is also high.

For medical mobile DR market can so explosive growth, mainly because of large and medium-sized hospital for high-end digital X-ray equipment pursuit. Large and medium-sized hospitals have a for high-end equipment instinctual pursuit. In the past two years, whether in whole X-ray market or mobile X-ray market, simulation X-ray purchasing main has been transferred to the small and medium-sized hospitals, large and medium-sized hospital purchase focus has turned to CR or DR such digital equipment. The hospital needs decided the huge market gap can be translated into practical potential market.

Shanghai medical mobile DR how much ? This needs you consulting specific medical mobile DR manufacturers.

Actually also is not all DR offer are very high, the market still has some DR manufacturers instrument high performance to price ratio, such as: perlong medical.

Perlong medical mobile DR - mobile digital X-ray machine PLX5200 (product pictures reference the most below) is a kind of brand-new DR system, in addition has the general DR features: low energy consumption, low dose, realize image digitization, high resolution, high resolution, strong image post-processing function, but also has a very good movement function, cover an area of an area, take up the space is small and so on ordinary DR do not have characteristics, in addition, the most important is high performance-to-price ratio.

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Dec 4, 2012