Multiparameter Microplate Reader For Food Manufacturer Brand

In recent years, SanLu milk powder, lean lean fine and many other food safety incident has caused the attention of the masses, can detect the food safety food detector as clinical laboratory equipment important product, market for its technical requirements and demand also day by day growth. Now multi-function food detector is widely used schools, restaurants, supermarkets, farmers markets and quality supervision, cereals and oil testing and other supervision and inspection department, for all food safety testing work provides a professional system testing platform.

Of course, since the market demand is big, so many parameters food detector manufacturer brand is more also, if you really want to know multi-function food detector price how many , if you need to consult the manufacturer. Here, first of all to introduce perlong medical production PLS - 96 g multi-function food detector. This equipment and the corresponding reagent to cooperate, can be used in pesticide residue detection, veterinary drug residue (hormones and antibiotics) detection and mold toxin detection, the function than pesticide residue rapid detector to overall. In addition, PLS - 96 multi-function food detector and the following several important features: a, and to use intelligent control, with setting, data statistics processing, automatic storage, automatic printing function.

Second, the operation is simple, visual data. The apparatus adopts large screen color touch screen operation, Chinese display. Three, instruments and long service life, light source using quartz halogen tungsten lamp, with light lamp dormancy function. Four, a high degree of information; Five, humanized design, instrument interface aesthetics, concise, easy to operate, easy to learn will. Test results using automatic or manual printing in two ways.

(perlong medical brand - PLS - 96 g multi-function food detector)

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Dec 5, 2012