How Much Is A Multifunctional Food Safety Rapid Detection Analyzer

How much is a multifunctional food safety rapid detection analyzer? The instrument is very common in the medical device market, there are several well-known medical device companies in the production and sales of which there Pulang medical. The Pulang medical main radiology equipment, Laboratory equipment, myocardial product, reagents and related products automatic washer, coagulation analyzer, full wavelength microplate reader. And the latest multi-parameter food safety rapid detection analyzer calibration units of measurement above the provincial report, test report and registration of software products over the provincial inspection units. Instrument using intelligent control settings, data statistical processing, auto-save, automatic printing and other functions, operation simple and intuitive data. Click on the picture below the red word more details.

If you want to query the multifunctional food safety rapid detection analyzer how much can log on the the Perleong medical official website or call our call for questioning.

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Dec 6, 2012