Offer Price Of Multifunctional Food Safety Detector

Because the food need to be fresh, perishable, processing specificity, circulation characteristics of high demand, resulting in certain aspects of the supply chain system, are likely to lead to a food safety risk. This is the world of food safety incidents have occurred in the root of. What we can do, is to the maximum extent possible to prevent and control these risks. The multifunctional food safety detector (multi-parameter food safety detector) on the right can do this.

Perlong medical a PLS-96G multi-function food safety detector using intelligent control, has set the statistical processing, auto-save, automatic print function. The instrument with the appropriate reagents with the applicable pesticide residue detection, detection of residues of veterinary drugs (hormones and antibiotics) and mycotoxin detection. And the operation is simple, intuitive data. The instrument uses a large-screen color touch-screen operation, the Chinese show. The high degree of information, the medical instrument is equipped with RS-232 interface, can be controlled by a PC via the RS-232 interface and PC communications, and instrumentation. Is really a cost-effective equipment, greatly reduces the likelihood of occurrence of food safety incidents.(Perlong medical - PLS-96G Food Safety Detector (the multifunctional food safety detector))

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Dec 10, 2012