Patient Monitor Brief Introduction

Patient Monitor is different from care diagnostic instruments, it must be 24 hours of continuous monitoring of patients physiological parameters, the detection of changes in trends, pointed Threatened for the emergency treatment of a doctor and the basis for the treatment of complications minimize achieve remission and eliminate the diseasepurposes. Uses in addition to monitor outside the measurement and custody physiological parameters, including monitoring and processing of the medication and the situation before and after the surgery. Monitor the standard 6 parameters as ECG, respiration, non-invasive blood pressure, oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and body temperature. In addition, the optional parameter contains: the highest end of blood pressure, breathing carbon dioxide, respiratory mechanics, anesthetic gases, cardiac output, the amount of (invasive and non-invasive), bispectral index and so on. Monitor Clinical Applications: surgery, after surgery, trauma care, coronary heart disease, critically ill patients, newborns, premature children, the hyperbaric chamber, the delivery room.

The structure is divided into four categories: portable monitor, plug-in monitor, Telemetry Monitor HOLTER (24-hour Holter) ECG monitor. Function is divided into three categories: bedside monitor, central monitor, the discharged monitor (Telemetry Monitor). Bedside monitor is provided in the bedside instrument connected together with the patient, continuous monitoring of the various physiological parameters of the patient or some state, to be displayed alarm or recording, it can also be constituted with the central monitor. whole work. Central monitor is also known as the central system monitor, it is composed by the main monitor and bedside monitors, can be controlled through the main monitor bedside monitors, multiple Guardianship object guardianship , an important task is completed automatically records various abnormal physiological parameters and medical records. Small electronic monitor so that the patient can carry discharged Monitor (Telemetry Monitor), continuous monitoring of some physiological parameters of patients in and outside the hospital for doctors to have a non-real-time check.

Monitor usually work continuously for a long time, is easy to cause premature aging and even damage the internal parts due to the internal temperature is too high, so we have to do a good job cleaning inside and outside, to ensure that the machines have good cooling and ventilation. Months is necessary to check the host filter cleaning dust above the same time, we must check the operator panel display surface with anhydrous alcohol to remove dirt from the above, in order to avoid corrosion of these important components. Every six months to a year is necessary to disassemble the machine casing machine dust.

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