I Have A Nurse Medical Scrubs Fetish....

Hello there, I tend to suspect I may be the only one out there who has a specfic fetish for soft, sheer, pretty, feminine Nurse Medical Scrubs! Not sure how it started but had some health issues some years back that required me to visit a local hospital regularly. Anyhow, I have always been a CD (most of my life) and always admired frilly cotton nightgowns, babydolls and so on. I noted some of the more fem. nurse scrubs had prints & pretty flowers, similiar to some of the cotton & silk nighties I had and I guess that's how it started for me! I know have many pairs of fem. looking women's nurse scrubs and wear them as often as I can! They are super comfy as well and make great PJ's! Odd I know wonder if anyone out there has experienced this or has similar desires? Have heard from many CDs who are into that classic nurse dress uniform but this is different than that, thanks!
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You may be interested, but I had some medical scrubs made for me by Catalyst in rubber, they also make a gown to go on top.If you like rubber at all,it is very sexy feeling to wear.