Teaching What I Need to Know

Believe it or not, I actually "teach" meditation.  It's an intro class in which different forms are covered in 6 weeks to give "students" the opportunity to try out techniques and find one that works for them.  It's a small group that used to meet in a local metaphysical shop but now meets in my home. 

One question I always get is "How often do YOU meditate and how?" - this after I've recommended daily meditation.  Instantly there's a level of guilt because I know I don't do a formal meditation every day.  But then I tell them and I remind myself that meditation is more than sitting zazen, breathing a certain way, doing certain poses, having different lengths of prayer beads or saying certain words/phrases.  These are wonderful tools and I use many of them.  In the end, though, meditation is meant to connect you to the void or to the stillness or to the Divine - however you'd like to put it.  It's not always about the form. It's any moment that is peace and stillness and love - a time when you lose yourself into the 'all' which is at the same time the 'nothingness.'

So, how often do I meditate and what form does it take?

I meditate when I play the piano in front of a roaring fire alone in my living room.  I am lost in a connection that I cannot explain playing only what wants to come out from my soul or from the stillness.  I meditate when I am in the kitchen creating a new gluten free dish focusing on the colors and textures and tastes and forgetting everything else in making it beautiful, nourishing and 'melt off the seat' good.  I meditate in the shower, turning off the lights and being with the water flowing down my body.  I meditate while writing books - hours can pass before I am aware of time when I write.  Making love is a meditation when approached with awareness and connection.  Sitting by the ocean I meditate and come into rhythm with the waves and the wind. Singing is meditation for me as well - I get lost in the notes.

And, yes, sometimes I smudge my room, sit on a pillow and meditate in front of my little stand with the feathers and the incense and the stones.  Sometimes with music or without.  Sometimes with mantra and sometimes without.  Sometimes breathing and sometimes forgetting that there is breath.

Meditation is connection to nothing and everything.  It's light and love and strength.  It is life. I am reminded of this every time a "student" asks and I let go into that. I am grateful for what they teach me in the questions that pull me up short.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.

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1 Response Mar 24, 2009

Hello. This was posted back in year 2009. Are you still active here on EP? If you would please, read my story of meditation. I am seeking answers to the meaning of the colors and images I see during meditation. Perhaps you may shed some light on this. Or guide me to where I may find my answers. <br />
I appreciate any feedback you may give me. Many blessings your way -