Wanted....one Bed Of Nails...Cheap...

i try and meditate...... but....what usually happensis my eyes close,and dang, i am sound asleep....so obviously....i have the relax portion down very,very well.. perhaps a little too well..so now my challenge is to work on the ......staying awake part...The being able to meditate part. My thinking is, I need to get one of those beds with the nails.. well. I really do need one of those. And i think that the guy who came up with the idea, for the bed of nails, well, he obviously failed at staying awake too.
neuilly neuilly
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3 Responses Jan 28, 2012

Try sitting crossed leg, without back support with the spine straight. Its a substitute for that special bed .

ohhh...gonna make me suffer...hmmm...all right..i will try that...

as if i can't sleep sitting up...hmmm????

Everybody needs to neditate..it is good for the soul..and offers you a way to re-connect with your spirit self.

Sorry, I meant I didn't need the bed of nails as I'm not slipping off to sleep quickly enough.

hmmm...well a bed of nails may be what you already have...

Interesting thought, not that I need it!