Non-meditating - Meditative State

People "meditate" for many different reasons. Some call it meditation when it is really just sitting quietly and thinking over their problems. To me this is not mediation.

Meditation to me is reaching a state of absolute stillness and emptiness. While in this state, I am not thinking about anything, I am not even meditating, I call this "a not-meditating - meditative state". It is like shutting down a computer. Awakening from this state is like turning the computer on, it reboots with the all system processes restored to their intended state. When I rouse from this state I am at peace with the world like a new born child. For a short time I have new incite into matters that I hardly understood before, I get great pleasure form the simplest things. Sex right after arousing from this state is so amazing I cannot even start to describe it. Unfortunately, this "new awakening" only lasts for a short time. My goal is to reach a level where this state will be permanent, then I will be "awakened".

I am a Soto Zen Buddhist and have been one all my life.
Chigeko Chigeko
18-21, F
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I was raised to be a Buddhist and taught to meditate daily. My mother drilled me in koan study before I went to school every day. Every evening the whole family sat in meditation in our home meditation room.<br />
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It was when I left home to work and live on my own that I stopped daily meditation and bad things started happening to me. Today I am back on path, I live at home with my daughter. Study and meditation is part of our daily routine.

Meditation, is all about clearing your mind and soul.<br />
For me meditation is exactly what u describe, u reach the stage of shut down and u feel coherent with the universe. However, I have met different meditation styles during my life and different people reach this stage in different ways.<br />
I guess the goal is the same, the road is different.

Only consciousness exists all thoughts including those of past life this life and next life are unreal and therefore a hindrance to truth.

I'd like to hear more about that "amazing sex". I am a Zen Buddhist, at least my parents were. I still consider myself a Buddhist but have not meditated in years, at least not in the traditional way. I still believe in rebirth and fear that because of all the bad karma I have accumulated, I might be reborn in the preta realm.

If you really fear being reborn as a preta, you should change your ways. It is not too late to join your true path and redeem yourself. Sitting in meditation twice a day would be a good start. Denouncing all attachments would surly erase some of the bad karma you have accumulated.

I'm new to it, but that sounds like a wonderful place to be.