To Seek Peace In My Body

I find that the more I go to my group to Meditate, the more peaceful and healthy I feel. Sometimes by disconnecting to all those thoughts in our mind it can give me a feeling of peace from my exhausted mind trying to find a solution. Stillness is really nice and more than a luxury, I must find stillness within myself.
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2 Responses Jul 11, 2012

Thanks~ namaste

Very good,you are in meditation but one can't do meditation,the doer is the hindrance,the doer is the ego.Meditation can only happen.It is a happening,like love,like birth,like death or like sleep.One has to relax completely,a let go.and then it happens and when it happens you will not be there.When you try stillness a tension is bound to be there.Only in silence does stillness come. The mad mind does not stop,if it stops,it is meditation.Meditation is a state of thoughtless awareness.Meditation is a state of non-emotional,non-sentimental,non thinking awareness.You are simply aware,when you become a pillar of awareness.When are simply awakened,alert,attentive.When you are just a pure awareness.But try,by trying you can succeed.My best wishes.