Encouraging Myself

I've been practicing zazen & studying Buddhism for 15 years, but the last couple of years I haven't been sitting very much at all. I've been having a big conflict w/my teacher, that I won't go into here, but my anger & sadness have been too much to handle on the cushion. As anyone who has sat much will know, sometimes zazen will make things worse, not better.

Anyway, this last year I've taken on a second teacher & it's introduced some balance & support into my practice. Still, I haven't been sitting zazen much. However, the last month I have started to sit more, 4-5 times a week, & the secret of the moment seems to be...

...little stars on the calendar. Srsly. When I sit, I put a little star on that day. =0)

When I was a kid--a long time ago--teachers gave little gold stars on the A papers. And something in me still takes pride in them. I can work w/that.
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

I too have been having trouble keeping my meditation sessions regular, though they should take first priority. Thank you for he advice! I wish you the best

I used to be very good at getting up & doing it, but hot flashes have really done a job on my program, waking me up at 2-3 am. Now I just get up, sit, & then go back to bed. Works better that way.

Something else that helped some...taking a moment to rejoice, both at the end of the session & as I fall asleep at night. Rather than dwell on how bad my practice is.

Good luck!