Any Tips?

Hello there, I love meditating but feel as if sometimes I'm doing it wrong. I wish to get more in touch with my spiritual animals. I usually have 1-2 hours at night to do this. How should I meditate and what should I do? Thanks for reading! :D
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1 Response Jan 5, 2013

this is how meditation works for me... maybe it will give you some ideas. There is really no wrong way in meditation. Just what works for you. Meditation can be done while I exercise, walk, shop etc. But mostly I meditate in my private area in a very quiet place. I take the time to calm my body. I allow my mind to wander until it finds its path to hear from my Higher Power. I slow my breath. I breath in and out. While I breath I (sometimes) say "in" "out" "in"out". Allowing God (as you see God) to speak with you and give you wisdom on great and mighty things that you do not know, will really help you in your direction in life, relationships, calming and centering God in you, as you see God. etc... Good luck and enjoy the peace and wisdom that will come your way!