Peace Of Pie

The kitchen is tidy and ready for my task. The music rolls delicately through the space, mingling perfectly with streaming sunlight and the aroma of hot coffee.
The making of a good pie crust is a gentle lesson in not over thinking nor over working the simple ingredients required. A calm soul and mindful movements make a tender, flaky crust. I choose a treasured, time worn blue tin as the vessel to hold my offering of wellness and care.
Apple being the choice of filling, I take the time to expertly peel and slice each beautiful apple. I note the sweetness of their flesh and rich color of their skin. How amazing is the ordinariness of the grand apple. I am humbled and grateful to spend good moments with this fruit and to the nourishment it will give to those I love.
The ready oven fills my kitchen with added warmth this sharp, bitter winter day. The baking pie with it's alluring aroma cradles the air with comfort and peace and I feel part of it all.
Everything that ever was shall still be but for a moment, the humble making of an ordinary pie added a small slice of peace to the now, that is.

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4 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I know, right? Sexy? You got me! :)

Ok, I must be missing something? This was personal and calming, but sexy? Lol.

Christ I am embarrassed to see your return to the keyboard & Ep go like this. If I can find that goddamned horse I assure you I will be riding in to save the day shortly. But I am getting so addled I didn't even realize your name change.

But I feel better bout flippin you some caca over the cheese curds now.

Who knew apple pie could be so schmexy? LMFAO

Just creepin through and killing the time.

Wow ... 18 months ... creepin is right. More like crawlin?

i am a master baker,,,and have made enough pies in my life to feed the whole county,,but never have made one as sexy as you have,,,

Ok. Thanks.

your a great sexy writer,,,